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LAURA TEXANA MILES, "Teck," was born on 30 January 1858 and died on 19 February 1918. On 7 October 1877, she married James D. Woodall (see Woodall) who was born on 21 November 1853 at Nip and Tuck (near Tatum), Texas, and died on 22 April 1922.(1) They are both buried in the Gum Springs Cemetery, near Longview, Texas.

The children of Teck and James are listed under "Woodall." Laura was the daughter of

WILLIAM ASBURY MILES was born on 12 April 1828 in Franklin County, Tennessee,(2) and died on 10 September 1910. On 11 November 1851,(3) he married, as her second husband, Nancy Kuykendall (see Kuykendall) who was born on 22 November 1825 and died on 15 April 1893.(1) They are both buried at Gum Springs Cemetery, near Longview, Texas.

He lived his first 10 years in Tennessee. The family moved to Illinois in 1838 where his mother died and is reported to be buried near the present site of Cairo, Illinois. In 1839, they moved to Mississippi and after the War with Mexico, Bill Miles moved to Rusk County, Texas, in January 1850, and to Harrison County, Texas, in 1854.(2)

Bill Miles served with the First Mississippi Battalion, Company E, 14th Texas Cavalry, Confederate States of America, in the Civil War.(4) He had one arm shot off with a "mini-ball" just above the elbow. Enroute home he swam the Mississippi River near Memphis with only one arm.

Bill Miles was a very capable person and amassed a fortune in farming after he returned home from the Civil War. His ability was recognized throughout the community and he was the neighbor- hood advisor on all matters pertaining to farming and business.

The children of William and Nancy were: Mary Elizabeth, born 23 September 1852, died 11 July 1923, and married William McKay; Martha Olerra, born in 1856, and married Ike Russell ; Laura Texana (see above), born 30 January 1858, died 19 February 1918, and married James D. Woodall; Rachel Bell, born in 1860 and married Lem Gage; Nancy Alice, born in 1862 and married a Johnson; Eugenia Ausline, born in 1866, and married, first, a Gaffney, and, second, Will Cain; and Annis, born in 1868, died on 13 June 1947, and married Will Pliler. William was the son of

SAMUEL MILES died toward the end of the 19th century and was buried at Ft. Crawford Cemetery, Hallsville, Texas. Samuel was married four times, but the names of his wives have not been learned. He and his first wife whom he married around 1825 were the parents of four children: William Asbury (see above), born on 12 April 1828, died on 10 September 1910, and married Nancy Kuykendall; Angelina was born on 22 November 1832, died on 3 May 1905 and married, first, James Scott, and second, James Russell; John married, first, a Ferguson, and, second, an Echols; and David, a bachelor. His first wife died in 1838/39 and is buried near the present site of Cairo, Illinois.

He had two children by his second wife. They were Tom and Pamella. It is not known whether there were children by his other wives.


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