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ELZA RUTH WOODALL was born in Harrison County, Texas, on 24 January 1891.  Ruth graduated from Southwest State College at San Marcos, Texas, and taught school for three years after she graduated. On 21 November 1914, at Hallsville, Texas,(1) she married Carr P. Collins (see Collins). They moved to Dallas shortly thereafter where they both have been prominent in civic, social, and church activities.

She has served on the Board of the Dallas Y.W.C.A., the Board of the Texas Baptist Children's Home, and one of the girls' dormitories at Baylor University, Waco, Texas, is named in her honor. Ruth is the daughter of

JAMES DOLLAHITE WOODALL was born on 21 November 1853 at Nip and Tuck (near Tatum), Texas. He died on 22 April 1922.(3) On 4 October 1877,(2) he married Laura Texana "Teck" Miles (see Miles). She was born on 30 January 1858 at Hallsville, Texas, and died on 19 February 1918.(3) They are both buried at Gum Springs Cemetery, just east of Longview, Texas.

His father died during the Civil War, and as he was the oldest boy, he felt it his responsibility to see that the family was provided for and that his younger brothers went to school. To do this, he cleared a farm and ran it for his mother and then made a farm for himself.

Jim Woodall was a farmer, cotton buyer, and merchant, and a highly respected member of the community. The children of James D. and Laura Texana Woodall were:

(1) IRA WOODALL, born 17 September 1879 and married, first, Sally Faucett, and, second, Jewel Davis. Ira has lived most of his life in Longview, Texas, where he worked for the railroad. Ira and Sally Faucett Woodall had a son, Marvin Woodall, born 30 December 1908, and married on 10 August 1928, Irene Smith. They live in Longview, Texas. The children of Marvin and Irene Smith Woodall are: Frankie Marie, born 3} January 1931 (see her children below) ; James Marvin, born 4 July 1937; and Norma Love, born 2 December 1945.

Frankie married James R. Rogers and their children are: Randall David, born 30 November 1949; Jamie Nell, born 30 January 1952; and Brenda Marie, born 30 January 1955.

Ira and Jewell Davis Woodall are the parents of one daughter, Jo Anne, born 12 October 1941.

(2) EVA WOODALL, born 2 April 1881 and married, on 14 November 1900, Will S. Sypert, a merchant and cotton man. They live in Hallsville, Texas. The children of Eva and Will Sypert are: Ruth Clair, born 12 July 1911 and married on 26 December 1935, Lowell R. Parrish. He is the owner of the Dr Pepper Bottling Co. in Bryan, Texas. The children of Ruth Clair and Lowell Parrish are: William Carr, born 18 February 1939 and James Randolph, born 3 September 1947.

The second daughter of Eva and Will Sypert was Frances, born on 12 April 1921. Frances served as a Captain (SN 037011) in the U. S. Marine Women's Reserves during World War II. She married, first, W. R. Ford who was an Ensign in the U. S. Navy and killed during the war. No children. Frances married, second, on 8 February 1947, Alfred Hurst Williams(5) who served as a Major in the Air Force in World War II. They live in Dallas. Alfred Hurst, Jr., born 16 December 1953, and Gregory Sypert, born 25 August 1956, are the children of Frances and Al Williams.

(3) WILLIAM MILES WOODALL, born 25 December 1885 and married Sudie Pace. Bill Woodall was Vice President of the Crazy Water Company and lives in Mineral Wells, Texas. The children of Bill and Sudie Woodall are :

(A) YANCY, born II May 1910 and married, in 1937, Emma Lillian Clements. Yancy and Emma have one daughter, Sarah Jane, born 13 August 1940.

(B) FAYE, born I September 1912 and married, in 1940, W. F. Winters. They live in Houston, Texas, and have no children.

(C) WILLIAM MILES, JR., born 12 September 1915 and married on 16 June 1945, Hazel Jarrell. Miles is Vice President and General Manager of the Vent-A-Hood Company. They live in Dallas, Texas. The children of Miles and Hazel Woodall are: William Miles, III, born 2 May 1946; James Kirk, born 16 June 1948; Blair Pace (twin), born 4 October 1951; Blake Edwin (twin), born 4 October 1951; and Timothy Richard, born 28 November 1953.

(D) KATHLEEN, born 18 December 1921, married, first, in 1940, Tracy Wood. She and Tracy have a daughter, Ann, born 7 July 1942. Kathleen married, second, in 1954, L. D. Townsend. L. D. and Kathleen have a daughter, Tina, born 6 May 1956.

(E) JEWEL, born 10 September 1923, was killed in an automobile accident on 21 March 1948. He married, in 1948, Irma Dean McLeod. Jewel and Irma had one son, Jewel, Jr., born 19 August 1948.

(4) ELlA RUTH WOODALL (see above), born 24 January 1891, married Carr P. Collins. For the children of Ruth and Carr Collins see "Collins."

RILEY BARBER WOODALL (Ryal or Royal) was born on 5 January 1828 in North Carolina and died at Nip and Tuck on 5 April 1865.(4) He is buried at Harmony Hill Cemetery, just south of Tatum, Texas. He left North Carolina before 1850 to go west and while he was in Mississippi he met Mary Dollahite, the young widow of a wealthy Tennessean named F. B. Haliburton. They were married and came to settle in the Nip and Tuck area. Mary was born on 30 January 1826 near Memphis, Tennessee, and died on 7 November 1899.3 She is buried at Gum Springs, Texas. He joined the Confederate Army during the Civil War and while at camp in Louisiana he contacted "camp fever." Mary went down and sneaked him out of the camp and brought him home where he died. As mentioned, Mary was a wealthy widow and also a staunch supporter of the Confederacy, and it is said that at the end of the war she was left with a room full of Confederate money.

Mary had a daughter Sarah and a son James by her first husband, B. F. Hailburton. The children of Riley and Mary were: Mattie E., born 10 September 1850, died 29 March 1901, and married W. F. Scott; James D. (see above), born 21 November 1853, died 22 April 1922, and married Laura Texana Miles; William Troy, born 17 December 1854, died 12 February 1928, and married Irena Minora Hope; Wylie Bert, born in 1858, died in 1920 and married Texana Aycock; and Ira Tommy, born 15 February 1861 and died 20 January 1887.

Riley B. was the son of

JAMES G. WOODALL was born about 1800 in North Carolina,(5) and died about 1862/63 as his will was dated 3 November 1862.(6) On 10 August 1821, In Johnston County;(7) he married Sally Barber who was born about 1802 in North Carolina (5) and was probably the granddaughter of Plyer Barber who died in Johnston County in 1812.

The 1819 Johnston County Tax List shows James G. living in Capt. Absalom Woodall's District and reporting 648 acres for himself and 1000 acres of Jacob Woodall. In 1822, James G. reported 648 acres in Capt. Plyer Barber's District. James G. and Sarah were living in Johnston County in the 1850 Census, which shows him to be a farmer with real estate valued at $1,685. The Census gives the ages of James G. at 50 and Sarah at 48, both having been born in North Carolina. It also shows the ages of the children from Troy, 18, on down which indicates that the five oldest had left home prior to 1850.

The children of James G. and Sarah Parker Woodall (with birth dates according to 1850 Census) were:(6) Harriett Seth; John; Ryal (see above), born 5 January 1828, died 5 April 1865, and married Mary Dollahite; Burt; Troy, born in 1832; Joham, born in 1834; Ira, born in 1836; Sarah, born in 1838; Eleanor, born in 1840; Martha, born in 1844; and Elizabeth, born in 1847.

James G. was the son of

JACOB WOODALL was born about 1765, possibly in Goochland County, Virginia. The Johnston County, North Carolina, Marriage Bonds show a Jacob Woodall married Phereby Gower on 16 December 1789. There is no marriage record of a Jacob Woodall marrying a Lucy who is his wife at the time of his death in 1849/50.(8)Lucy was 83 (born 1767) according to the 1850 Census of Johnston County and was born in North Carolina. She died in 1851 and the sale of her estate property was recorded 2 in January 1852.(9)

The children of Jacob Woodall, Sr., as listed in his will of 23 November 1848 with codicil added on 26 May 1849 were: William, Sinderrilla, James G. (see above), and Charity.


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