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NANCY ANN KUYKENDALL was born on 22 November 1825 and died on 15 April 1893.(1)  She first married a "Grimes" who died shortly thereafter. They had one son, George Grimes. She married, second, on 20 November 1852 at Nip and Tuck, (2) William A. Miles (see Miles) who was born on 12 April 1828 in Franklin County, Tennessee,(3) and died on 10 September 1910.(1) They are buried in the Gum Springs Cemetery, just east of Longview, Texas.

William Miles served in the War with Mexico and with the Texas Cavalry in the Civil War. He had his arm blown off in battle, and had to swim the Mississippi River near Memphis with only one arm to get back to his family. Starting from scratch after he got back to his family, he still had the ability to amass a fortune from farming during his lifetime. They lived in Harrison County, mostly in the Longview area, and around Hallsville.

Nancy had one son, George Grimes, by her first husband, and she and Bill Miles had seven daughters (see Miles) .

Nancy was the daughter of

JOHN WILLIAM KUYKENDALL was born on 26 December 1797 in Kentucky (10-11) and married Mary or Polly Key who was born about 1805/09 in Tennessee (10) or South Carolina. He was a doctor, practicing the Thompsonian system.

John was raised in Tennessee, probably moved to Mississippi and then he and his brother James came to Texas about 1848 and settled at Harmony Hill, Rusk County. This settlement was then called "Nip and Tuck" and was located on the "trace" or stage route of that time. John Kuykendall gave the first two acres of land for Harmony Hill Cemetery in 1852.(4)

The children of John and Polly were (order of birth unknown) : (8-9-10) Nancy Ann (see above), born 22 November 1825, died 15 April 1893, and married, first, a Grimes, and, second, William A. Miles; James; Elizabeth, married Angie (Sterling) Price; Mary, born in 1837; Matthew, married Elizabeth Dollahite; John P. (Jack), born in 1845, and married Mattie Crawford; William C., born 1834 and married Susan McCallum; Owen, born 15 December 1824, married, first, Nancy Dollahite, and, second, Eveline Dollahite; and Rachel Jane, born 1829 and married Jesse Perkins Dollahite.

John was the son of

MATHEW KUYKENDALL was born on 9 February 1758 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and died on 15 August 1841, in Mississippi.(5) He married Nancy Johnson (see Johnson) in North Carolina on 11 May 1780. Nancy was born on 10 July 1765 and died on 4 September 1825 in Franklin County, Tennessee.(6)

The children 0f Mathew and Nancy were: (8-9) Rebecca, born 17 February 1785; Elizabeth, born 23 September 1786 and married a Barber; Mary (Polly), born 22 September 1788; William, born 13 April 1790; Abraham, born 12 May 1792; Sally, born 22 May 1794; John (see above), born 26 December 1796, and married Mary or Polly Key; James, born 31 October 1799, died 12 November 1881, and married Dorcus Reynolds; Mildred, born 6 February 1802 and married Col. George Richardson; Matthew, born 17 February 1804, died 15 January 1856 and married Rachel Lamb; Abner, born 6 January 1807, died 8 November 1867, and married Marion Duff; Nancy, born 30 August 1812; and Absolem, born 25 August 1814 and married, first, Nancy Dean, and, second, Drusilla Dragoo.

Mathew was the son of

ABRAHAM KUYKENDALL was baptized on 18 October 1719, probably at Deerpark Church, New York, and died after 12 December 1778.(1) With his parents, he moved to the Minisink area near Ft. Jervis, New York, then to Virginia and North Carolina.

Revolutionary service of Abraham Kuykendall has been accepted by the D.A.R. as civil service rather than military service. As a civil servant, Abraham Kuykendall was a member 0f the Safety Committee for Tryon County, formed July 26, 1775 (see Colonial Records of North Carolina, Vol. 10, Page 120; see also Vol. 22, Page 820). Shortly after the Revolutionary War began, Abraham Kuykendall was appointed a Commissioner of Tryon County, to build a court house, prison, and stocks, and to establish a boundary line between Tryon and Mecklenburg Counties, by authority of. Laws 0f North Carolina, Vol. 20, Chap. 12, Page 964. He also served as Justice 0f the Peace, Tryon County, 17 December 1778.(5)

"The History of Old Tryon and Rutherford Counties" by C. W. Griffin, on Page 10, says that he was a Captain of the Militia for Tryon County, and Pages 31, 32, and 33 of this History show Captain Kuykendall on duty as a Captain on and after July 1776.

The children of Abraham Kuykendall were: (5-7) Abraham, married Elizabeth Van Zandt; Matthew (see above), born 9 February 1758, died 15 August 1841, and married Nancy Johnson; James; and possibly other children. Abraham was the son of

CORNELIUS KUYKENDALL was baptized on 30 May 1686 in the Esophus County around Kingston, New York,(7) and stayed on there after his parents moved to the Minisink area about 1700. Around 1705, he married Marretjen Westphal(7) in the Kingston area. Maretjen was the daughter of Johannes Westphal and Maritji Kool. Johannes was the son of Jurian Westphal and Maritje Hansen who had been married in Westphalia, Prussia. Maritje's father was Jacob Cool. Their first four children were baptized in the Kingston area. Then, about 1716, they moved to Deerpark, New York, and on to the Minisink area near Pt. Jervis, New York, sometime before 1733 when their youngest child was baptized. Sometime after 1747, Cornelius with his three youngest sons, Cornelius, Abraham, and Petrus, moved on to North Carolina, stopping for a while in Virginia.

Cornelius dropped the "Van" and did not use it in any of the old church records. The children of Cornelius and Marretjen Kuykendall were: (7) Luer, baptized on 27 October 1706 and married Lena Consalisduk; Margritt, baptized 7 May 1710 and married Abraham Kortrecht; Marretjen, baptized on 22 June 1712 and married Parens David; Nelletjen, baptized 8 June 1715 and married Jacob Bogast; Johannes, baptized on 15 June 1717; Abraham (see ahove), born 18 October 1719; and Peter, born 4 July 1733.

Cornelius was the son 0f

LUER JACOBSEN VAN KUYKENDALL was baptized on 29 May 1650 in New York City.(7) Luer grew up from early youth in the Esophus Country around Kingston, New York, and in 1680, was married there to Grietje Artze Tack,(7) daughter of Aert Pieterson Tack and his wife, Annetje Ariens.

Aert Tack was the son of Cornelius Tack. Luer and Grietje continued to live in the Kingston area until about 1700. Their first seven children were baptized here while their eighth was baptized at Minisink on the Delaware River near the present Pt. Jervis, New York. This was then a far out frontier.

Luer added the name Van Kuykendall to his name about 1705 and became the father of the Kuykendall family in America.

The children of Luer and Grietje were: (7) Stynie, baptized on 30 May 1682 and married Jurien Westfall; Jacob, baptized on 12 August 1683 and married, first, Adrientje Tietsoort, and, second, Sara Westfall; Cornelius (see above) was baptized on 30 May 1686 and married Marretjen Westfall; Johannes was baptized on 30 September 1688; Mattheus was born about 1690 and married Jannetjen Westfall; Arie was baptized on 8 June 1694 and married Margrita Kwik; Pieter was born on 1 May 1698 and married Femmetje Decker; Annetje was baptized on 9 May 1700 and married Roeloff Brink; Sara was baptized on 14 June 1702 and married Jacob Middagh; and Seyte was baptized on 27 October 1706 and married Arie Van Et ten.

Luer Jacobsen van Kuykendall was the son of

JACOB LUERSON came to America with his brother, Urbanus, in 1646. (7)Jacob and Urbanus had lived in Gelderland, Holland, before coming to New Netherlands to work for the Dutch West Indies Company.

Jacob went to Ft. Orange, which is now Albany, New York. The fort was originally settled by a group of Walloons, Protestant refugees, in 1624. Indian trouble tormented them from the start and only 100 people were living in the area when Jacob arrived. He died at Ft. Orange about 1656. No information is available concerning Jacob's wife, but we do know that they had a son, Luer, who was baptized in New York City on 29 May 1650. Their son, Luer, grew up in the Esophus Country around Kingston, New York, and was married there in 1680.


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